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Airfield Estates


Yakima Valley, Washington


54% Cabernet Sauvignon
27% Merlot
13% Petite Verdot
3% Cab Franc
3% Malbec


Our winemaking begins with a pre-sort of the fruit to ensure only ideal clusters get vinified. After being destemmed, a gentle peristaltic pump is used to transfer the must to the fermentation vessel. The wine is fermented in 6 ton stainless steel tanks and 1 ton stainless steel fermentors. Pump-overs, Rack and Returns, and Punch-downs are used to extract tannin and color from the skin. Ideal peak ferment temperatures are 80-84 degrees. After the wine has finished fermenting it is pressed and settled for 48 hours before going to barrel. Barrels are typically 50% new French oak. The wine goes through malolactic fermentation in barrel and then is racked. Blending occurs during the 2nd racking, usually in April. Racking continues every 3 months until the wine is finally bottled in August after 23 months in barrel. Prior to bottling, the wine is pad filtered and bottled using screw cap closures.

Tasting Notes

This complex blend has a rich bouquet of dark berries, spice and vanilla bean. Well structured tannins frame the way for flavors of boysenberry and black cherry to disperse across the palate.

Food Pairing

Enjoy this rich blend with pheasant, braised meats, and hard cheeses.