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Cuvée Del Maule


Baptiste Cuvelier


Cauquenes, Chile


42% Cabernet- Sauvignon
20% Carignan
16% Carmenere
10% Pais
7% Merlot
5% Zinfandel


Malolactic fermentation and aging happened in 4 to 5 years-old French barrels not to damage the wine with oak taste but to ensure a good micro-oxygenation and therefore a good stability of the wine in the long term. Once again neither sulfites nor anything else was added at all in the wine throughout the whole process except at the bottling stage in late May 2011 to prevent all risk during transport.

Tasting Notes

Balanced and complex nose of red fruits, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry enriched with touches of anis and white mint. In the mouth, tannins are soft and thin. You will enjoy its balance, complexity, roundness and acidity which bring an amazing length with a final note of spices and coffee.