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Pinot Gris


Lone Birch


Yakima Valley, Washington


100% Pinot Gris


The goals for this wine were fruit-focused aromatics and crisp acidity. This style is best achieved in a stainless steel tank to preserve fruitiness. The winemaking begins with a pre-sort to make sure only ideal clusters are vinified. After this, the grapes go straight to press as whole clusters. The juice is pumped to tank where it is settled for 48 hours before racking to a new tank to start fermentation. Fermentation is started in tank and is kept at 60 degrees throughout fermentation. The wine is fermented to the desired dryness and then SO2 is added and the temperature is dropped to 40 degrees. After racking o$ of the yeast the wine is heat and cold stabilized. The wine is then filtered and bottled under screw caps at the end of May.

Tasting Notes

Medium bodied with luscious flavors of pineapple, pear, white peach, & zesty citrus fruit.